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Stream began September 22, 2021 11:00 PM UTC
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Note: Steakhouse and Anxious Body will only be available to watch in the Gala and for 24 hours after the live stream. They will not be available to watch during the final weekend.

Rating: 14+

Rocket Freudental 'Der Stuhlkreis' (Rocket Freudental 'Team Meeting'), Ged Haney, United Kingdom & Germany, 4:21

Steakhouse, Špela Čadež, Slovenia, Germany & France, 9:30

Anxious Body, Yoriko Mizushiri, France, Japan, 5:47

Kula (The Tower), Sunčana Brkulj, Croatia, 3:48

Renaissance 'Changing Lives', Mathieu Renoult, Canada, 0:30

Sobaki pakhnut morem (Dogs Smell Like the Sea), Anastasiya Lisovets, Russia, 4:14

Zolle Resign, Kristian Pedersen, Norway, United States, 9:00

INt 'Night / Bit Bang 2020', Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina, 0:35

Goda sardze (Guard of Honour), Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 5:31

Meneath: The Hidden Island of Ethics, Terril Calder, Canada, 20:00