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Cattle Call
A pixallated documentary about cattle auctioneers and their hypnotic verbal mathe"magic".
A one take Super 8 Film in Winnipeg best described as a flying-hallucination dream workbook.
The Lytics 'Toot Your own Horn'
A frenetic, sports-themed music video produced for The Lytics.
The Riverton Rifle
A short film honouring hockey legend Reggie Leach. Reggie deserves a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame!
The Yodeling Farmer
In a wooden folk-art universe, a crude Internet search takes the viewer on a ride down the information super-railroad, exploring the life and music of Manitoba cowboy yodelling legend Stew Clayton.
Blotto 649
A hypnotic film comprised of 6490 spin art micro paintings.
Home Cooked Music
A profile of inventor and craftsman Lorne Collie, who, after a near-death experience, started making whimsical stringed instruments out of unlikely items.
Tattoo Step
Tattoo Step playfully conjures the spirits of Brakhage and McLaren. Both image and soundtrack were created by animating temporary tattoos applied to 35mm film.
Dead Ringer
At once a celebration and damnation of technology, this film was shot using a homemade dual camera stereoscopic device.
Asleep at the Wheel
A psychedelic tribute to Maryniuk's friend using found footage of road trips from the 60's, altered through processes like hole punching, reassembling, bleaching, painting, scratch animation and boiling the film.
No Cultural Value intro
Blending animation, time-lapses and archival interviews, this doc captures the story a rural folk artist who tried to bequeath a lifetime’s worth of artworks to the province of Manitoba.
Goose Droppings (excerpts from The Goose)
An experimental drama following the life of 'The Goose', a mute young man who attempts regain his voice and to escape his oppressive surroundings with the help of an inventive, but behind the times Travel Agent.
June Night
Working in sublime self-isolation during the strange pandemic spring of 2020, Mike Maryniuk composes a surreal ode to rebirth and reinvention.
Consumption Falls
A stop-motion film exploring the mechanisms and materiality of consumerism and recycling culture.
Paul Leary 'Gary Floyd Revisited'
Monsters / hand puppets stare you in the face in this music video for Paul Leary.

Born above the fertile filmmaking soil of Winnipeg, Canada and raised in rural Manitoba, director and cinematographer Mike Maryniuk is a self-described “self taught film virtuoso” boasting a rich catalog of hand-altered celluloid to back up the claim. Mike’s films serve as a boiling scrapbook for an overlooked subset of the Canadian prairies, giving big importance to small-town concerns and promoting an appreciation of many wilderness-adjacent interests.

Delivering contemporary imagery through the enamel of age, the home brew films of Mike Maryniuk are a carefree nod to good old-fashioned prairie life, leaning on electric visuals and dynamic sound as the key ingredients to understanding the value of country living. Dig out your toque and let ‘er rip.

A pixallated documentary about cattle auctioneers and their hypnotic verbal mathe"magic".
  • Year
  • Runtime
    4 minutes
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  • Premiere
    World Premiere
  • Director
    Matt Rankin, Matthew Rankin, Mike Maryniuk